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Cash Mobs in Forney?

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I came across this fun idea on

The Groupon-led daily deal craze has made shoppers eager to get as much as possible from local shops for as little as possible – even when that turns out to be a terrible deal for the businesses themselves. Now, a new movement in support of local business is turning the flash-sale concept on its head. Participants in “cash mobs” pick a store, then flock to it in droves to pay full-price to support a local business in need.

I wonder if this is something Forney folks could get behind.

Perhaps pick one business a month – or pick one weekend a month to “cash mob” all the locally owned businesses in Forney?

According to the article, each area sets their own guidelines, but most ask participants to spend at least $20 at the chosen location.

What do you think? Could something like this take off in Forney? Would you be willing to keep your money closer to home to help a local business out?

Got a business you want to nominate? Let us know in the comments below.

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